Welcome to Opticore IT

Welcome to Opticore. You’re in safe hands.

Who are we?

We’re an IT Consultancy bridging the gap between leading IT services providers and consultants.

You’ll remain connected. You’ll hit your business objectives. Our expert engineers and project managers take care of the rest.

Don't let your network let you down

Managing a network can be challenging and complex. We always assume it’ll work. We always believe we can connect to our staff, customers and clients. Without specialist management, networks can fail, causing costly security risks and downtime.

The Network Managed Service utilises the expertise of our people and the capabilities of our platform, the Opticore Hosted Management Platform (OHMP), to securely monitor and govern your network.

Welcome to no more failed projects

Opticore’s PPM Practice is our adaptable consulting service, giving you access to specialised staff to see projects through.

Our unique Practice’s value is that you can scale the number of consultants up and down at any time to fit your needs

Enhance your productivity

With the growth of cloud adoption in recent years, there’s been a drastic change in how you deploy and run workloads.

The challenge is building reusable, scalable and secure public/ hybrid cloud environments, which is a complex undertaking.

We partner with you to identify the right choices and deliver business value at all stages of your cloud deployment.