Network Consultancy

Aligning with the technical requirements of the business, our consultants will help you design, build and implement a reliable network.

Your network is the core of your business, and failure can be highly debilitating. Downtime of the network can impact the availability of services, performance and customer perception.

Network migrations can be complex and troublesome, but our expert consultants take a calculated approach to safely migrate your networks and minimise the risk of an outage.

network consultancy
network health check

Network Health Check

The performance and security of the network are paramount. Our health-check service gives you a succinct breakdown of the network topology, configuration and security best practices.

Through our bespoke discovery tools and advanced automation techniques, we build an ‘as-is’ view of your network. The outcome of the health check is documented, capturing findings and highlighting risks to the network’s performance, security and compliance.

We’ll remediate the network as part of the service to ensure risks are mitigated, networks are compliant, and operational performance is maximised.